Steel Burkhardt, Naked

11 Jan

Or, the less exciting title: ‘A Year at the Theatre’

So, now that I’ve got your attention… First off I’ll do my best to clear up a couple of other often searched for terms. To the best of my knowledge, Steel Burkhardt is not gay. My source is his FB page where he states that he’s interested in women, so I think we can probably take his word on that. I don’t know how old he is, but his birthday is apparently 12th May and I would guess that he is around the 26-27 mark (at least based on his appearance and when he graduated from high school – info also gleaned from his FB page).

As for the naked part, I’m not too sure what people are actually after when they search for that term, but for photos I would recommend trying the link I posted a few weeks ago (click here and scroll to the end). If you want to know if he gets naked in the show, all I can tell you is that he did in London and I can see no reason why he wouldn’t on tour. Other than that, I can also recommend episode 3 of ‘Touring with Josh and Allison’ (I think I might have to thank Josh Lamon and Allison Guinn in person for this one!). Watch out especially for a few blissfully wonderful seconds at 3:07, 4.38 and, most notably, 4:54. All I can say is I cannot wait to get to America!

So, moving on. 2010, as I’ve already mentioned, was a pretty fantastic year and theatre, in many of its forms, was a big part of that.

Hair came to London and changed me irrevocably (I do wish I could still use that word without being instantly reminded of Twilight), Love Never Dies opened in the West End, I attended the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I saw more shows at the Royal Opera House than I can count on my fingers and I’ve got a FB album with almost 150 photos of  various stars and celebs (mostly posing with me) that doesn’t even cover the whole of 2010.

And so (drum-roll please), the final count is as follows:

I saw 50 different live shows, which breaks down to: 17 musicals, 7 ballets, 7 operas, 6 live music performances, 6 stand-up comedy shows, 5 dance shows, 1 pantomime and 1 play.

That doesn’t even include the Fringe, at which I saw 31 different shows in six days.

Of course, I also saw Strictly Come Dancing, but since I wasn’t technically in the audience, I’ve left it out of the final count. I also haven’t counted the Tea Dance I went to in Edinburgh, as, if anything, I was a performer rather than an audience member!

So, including all the shows I saw multiple times (most notably Hair, Love Never Dies and Departure Lounge), I went to NINETY THREE live performances last year. Which works out as roughly 3 shows a fortnight. (It would probably be a good idea not to attempt to estimate how much that all cost me!)

I was actually asked yesterday what the highlight of my year was and I didn’t even need to think about it. Giving Steel Burkhardt my number in front of a theatre full of people (the full, extended story is here: The Steel Saga), well let’s just say it will be hard to top it this year, but I will do my very best (see my upcoming post for evidence that this resolution is going swimmingly well, thanks to the lovely Liam Tamne). And I do have GB40, The America Trip and Take That on tour to look forward to. Not to mention the tens of shows I’ve already got booked, including Priscilla, Grease, not one, but TWO ballets starring Carlos Acosta and Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, to name but a few.

It’s hard not to feel hopeful when there is so much to look forward to. I’m a little stressed at the moment, what with starting a new job and having an issue with my New York hostel that needs sorting (more on those in the near future, I’m sure), but the good far outweighs the bad.

I hope that this year treats you as well as last year treated me. Whether that means seeing more shows than you can count, hearing the kind of news that leaves you smiling for weeks on end or seeing Steel naked!

Peace, loVe, glitter and, above all, happiness.

K xx

PS. I do not apologise for the traffic stealing title of this blog! It was inspired both by the unexpectedly high number of hits I’ve been getting from the search string ‘Steel Burkhardt naked’ and also by Josh Lamon in the above video ‘Touring with Josh and Allison: The Quest for Better Ratings’!


2 Responses to “Steel Burkhardt, Naked”

  1. Amy January 12, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    I just found your blog and i love it. I manage to get slightly obsessed with things so its nice to see someone else does too. 😀

    • socurrentlycaptivated January 13, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

      Good to know it’s not just me!
      And thanks for your comment, it’s always amazing to hear that someone actually enjoys what I’m writing (especially when half of it comes out sounding just a little bit insane!) 😀
      K xx

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